Media Release

The West Covina Unified School District (WCUSD) offers many opportunities to highlight positive student, school and district events, activities, and accomplishments. Audio and visual footage of schools, students, staff and parents significantly contribute to the communication value of WCUSD and school publications. 
There will be times when the WCUSD and organizations authorized by the WCUSD, will seek to interview, photograph, or videotape students on school grounds or at student activities. This may lead to students being featured in print and electronic publications (i.e. social media, websites, brochures, flyers), television programs, radio shows, or video productions. 
Parents/guardians are required to submit an opt-out form to restrict permission to release images, videos, audio or name to WCUSD or any other organization. The form is part of the parent/student handbook provided to families at the beginning of the year. 
WCUSD carefully screens any requests from outside organizations to help ensure that student work and accomplishments are highlighted in a responsible and appropriate way. The WCUSD also uses media footage to promote school/district events, programs, and services.