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Dance, music, theatre, and the visual arts have endured in all cultures throughout the ages as a universal basic language. The arts convey knowledge and meaning not learned through the study of other subjects. Study in and through the arts employs a form of thinking and a way of knowing based on human judgment, invention, and imagination. Arts education offers students the opportunity to envision, set goals, determine a method to reach a goal and try it out, identify alternatives, evaluate, revise, solve problems, imagine, work collaboratively, and apply self-discipline. As they study and create in the arts, students use the potential of the human mind to its full and unique capacity. The visual and performing arts are a vital part of a well-rounded educational program for all students.



VAPA Commercial showcasing all of our programs at Edgewood High School.


Our sixth through twelfth grade instrumental music program offers comprehensive courses that allow students to develop musical fluency on a musical instrument of their choice. Students can choose to perform on instruments from the woodwind (flute, clarinet, bass clarinet, alto/tenor/baritone saxophone), brass (trumpet, french horn, trombone, euphonium/baritone, tuba), and percussion (snare drum, bass drum, marimba, bells, etc.) families. In the band program students become skilled in technical and expressive performance techniques, develop familiarity and proficiency in wind band and jazz literature, and develop a serviceable mindset through various performance opportunities in their inner and outer communities. Students participate in a progressive and developing curriculum to accommodate their growing skills. Middle school students enroll in the Edgewood Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced bands. High school students participate in our Edgewood Symphonic Band and Jazz Ensemble.

Career Technical Education

Visual Arts

Our high school visual arts program offers a comprehensive list of courses for both the beginning and advanced artist. Students completely new to the visual arts can participate in our Introduction to Art course, and skilled art makers can enroll in the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme courses. Any student hoping to grow their skills as a sculptor is welcome to take our Multi Media Sculpture and/or Ceramic Sculpture courses. Our department offers opportunities for both art making and art exhibition, and our students endeavor to create beautiful, relevant, and culturally valuable works of art for both our school community and the global art world.

Our MYP Program is designed to encourage students to express themselves creatively through artistic thought and production while they build a foundation of knowledge and skills with a variety of media. As we study art, students will also examine the cultural impact of significant works and issues throughout the world.

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The Edgewood Choir program has four performing ensembles: Concert Choir, Encore (Show Choir), Girls Choir, and Boys Choir. The choir program performs at school rallies, community events, and prepares three concerts every academic school year -- Winter Concert, Soloist Showcase, and Spring Concert. The choirs learn many different styles and genres of music throughout the year and plan many events like Karaoke Night and Valentine Voicemails (Singing Grams).


Our Edgewood Dance Performance Program was established in 2015 and has grown to include Dance Performance I, Dance Performance II, IB Dance SL (Standard Level) and IB Dance HL (Higher Level).  Dance students perform at many school events throughout the year including school rallies, Back to School Night, Open House, Red Ribbon Rally, the EHS Shakespeare Festival, and other community events.  


The newly created design program teaches students to problem solve through hands on projects. Students create various products using multimedia including computers, construction materials, recyclables and everyday items. Students are encouraged to think outside the box in order to come up with creative solutions to real life problems. Students are given opportunities to learn skills from yesteryear while at the same time developing 21st century skills.