The mission of the counseling department and student support services at Edgewood High School, based on the National Standards for School Counseling programs, is to ensure that all students are adequately prepared in the academic, career and personal/social domains. The comprehensive model continually examines current data to determine student needs, student services, and adjusts developmental programs in order to provide equity and equality among all student groups. The counselors' goal is to provide a safe environment motivating all students to become lifelong learners and responsible individuals who possess self-knowledge and global awareness. 

Students are assigned to counselors by their last name. Please contact your students counselor if you have any questions.


Students are welcome to stop by the Counseling office without an appointment before school and after school with any questions they may have. Appointments can be made during the school day with Ms. Avila/Mrs. Rodriguez in the front office. 

Parents can call to set up an appointment to meet with a counselor. Counselors are also readily accessible via email and phone. Counselors will also individually meet with parents and their students of all grade levels. 

Kari Lovas
6th-8th Grade H-Z
626-939-0600 x 4907

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Tommy Richardson
6th-8th Grade A-G/9th Grade
626-939-0600 x 4947

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Sara Arce
10th-12th Grade A-LEL
626-939-0600 x 6010

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Jamie Hobbs
10th-12th Grade LEM-Z
626-939-0600 x 6003

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