Absences should be called in by parents to the Attendance Office for each day of the
student’s absence.
Messages may be left 24 hours a day at (626) 939-0600. If phone
contact does not occur, students must drop off a parent note verifying the cause of
absence to the Attendance Office. A parent must call BEFORE the student returns from
an absence or send a note with the student upon his/her return from an absence to have
the absence cleared.

An absence which has not been cleared within three days will be
classified as truant.
The consequence for truants includes the loss of opportunity to make
up missed instruction and/or issuing of detentions and/or Saturday School. Upon
returning to school from an absence, students report directly to class unless dropping
off a note at the Attendance Office.

Students who arrive late to school or leave early from school MUST SIGN IN OR OUT at the                                                                        Attendance Office. Any period missed due to late
arrival without a parent note or phone call the next morning (by 9:00 am) will be classified
as truant. Students are expected at school daily and expected to report on time to all of
their classes.

Attendance will be taken each period. Excessive absences, including
tardies, usually lead to poor learning. Instructors may refer a student to an
administrator for accruing excessive absences and/or tardies to class. Student absences
and tardies will be recorded regardless of the reason for the absence or tardy. As much
as possible, parents should attempt to schedule appointments outside of the regular school
day to minimize absences.

Absence Reporting English
Absence Reporting
Absence Reporting


Middle School & High School Attendance Contact:

Grace Avila                                                                  Phone: 626.939.0600 ext.  6040